Saturday, 4 April 2015

Retirement Readiness

I visited Prof Wade Pfau's blog

This is a very interesting topic of research, retirement readiness, how ready are you?

Actaully, it is all about efficiency, once you have accumulated enough, you stop and sit back to relax. How then do you know how much do you require or are you so inefficient that you overworked?

I asked many financial planner, they always turned around and ask you is required, they as with their typical sales talk came back to ask you how much do you need. By the time they worked out the number, you find that by 100 years old, you still cannot retire. This cannot be right?

Mr Money Moustache retire when their portfolio hits $600,000 USD. My Singaporean friends found this number to be insufficient. Well, on what basis do you say you need more money and less time? 

Continue to research to understand how this calculation can be done and how much do you need. Live an efficient life and not having to be confined to working til 65. 

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