Sunday, 22 March 2015

Malacca Property Investment

I have 2 units in Melaka that are recently completed. Buying off-plan is not something that investors do normally, however, for cash poor investors that seems to be the best way, over paying - yes. However, the magic that these developers can do to get you on the ladder is amazing. This is contrary to buying BMV. Price may be higher, but as long as financing allows it, why not? We do need to start somehow right? I looked at a property as a business. high or low price does not matter to me as much as the cashflow generation from a business. 

This magic allows me to get 2 units of the Imperial Heritage Hotel. A prime locality in the heart of UNESCO Melaka (Malacca) right opposite Dataran Palawan. This colonial style building was soft launched on the 19th March and there are already walk-in customers taking up rooms in the hotel. 

The restaurants and other services are not even ready yet. 

What is the potential returns? The 4-5 star hotel rooms are mostly about RM 250 and above. The occupancy rate is at least 70% with all weekends fully booked. The tourism industry in Melaka is booming and this is a good project helmed by a young team ready to impress. Lets see how Imperial Heritage can move forward. 

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