Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Finally a chance at Landed

I had been looking for a chance to get a landed property to complete my collection. Why landed? Landed provides you with higher CG due to limited growth. There is now a chance to own a landed property for 20% rebate and 80% loan which effectively means no money down deal. 

UEM sunrise is releasing the very popular horizon hills estate at Valley West Bumi Lots (converted to  international lots) for 20% discount. The product is completed and ready to move it. 

This is my chance of ownership. I reckon one can rent the property for RM 2500 at today's market which is SLOW and "hoping" to reap capital gains after 5 years. All in at cost of around RM 50k per year. Thats RM 250k for 5 years of holding. Which is possible to leave it in neglect or at very low rental rates.

Valley West in Horizon Hill is still very much DEEP in. This is not something Singaporeans are used to. 

There are of course other options. 

1. Verve suites @ KL south with 15% rebates and the cost of ownership is 5% (RM 53k) and rental could reach RM 2500 for a 2 bedder. nett outgoings would be around RM 2k per month. Total cost for holding for 5 years is 53K + 250K (303K) or 53k + 150k (203K)

Nearing completed.

2. Colony @ KLCC - near KLCC and with 13% rebates. The rental could be around 3k her month and nett outgoings would be 7% - RM 70K + holding cost is 150k (220k). 

Completions 2020.

Colony is more definite in rental with the KLCC working population.

Decisions time to really expand my portfolio.