Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Are you robbing your self poor?

"How could anyone possibly complain about having money problems, while simultaneously paying tens or hundreds of dollars per month to have passive video entertainment and commercials streamed into their house? People are simultaneously robbing themselves of money and the necessary mental quiet time that is a prerequisite to getting ahead – building skills, meeting people, getting better jobs or starting better businesses." 

- Mr Money Moustache.

Let's start from the very beginning. I had been a cadet pilot and in my course, there was a person whom have left such an impression on me, I have to always bring him up during my story telling. His name was "cookie monster", thats all I can remember of his name anyway. He always carries a tin of biscuits with him and munches all day long. Why? He had saved every single penny towards his impending marriage and not spend any money on canteen breaks. 

As a newly minted officer cadet drawing $1600 per month, who can resist not to spend a little on himself and indulge a little. I do not understand what this life is all about as I have no trusted mentor to guide me, but a life of decadence is something that feels wrong. Why do I need to be entertained? Needless to say, I quitted Radio and TVs and CDs as I feel it is something wrong.

A whole lot of my time is spent spending how to live life efficiently. Is working til 65 and retiring on the CPF savings the only way out? As I looked at the old retired personnel cleaning tables to get by living, I questioned why? but I decided that I will not be one of them.

Property is always a dream for me, alas, economic situation does not allow me to do so. I bided my time, I learn and I tried different means to grow that elusive deposit. I was swayed like most people to pursue my interest, spending money for enjoyment and going to restaurants. I ROBBED myself of the deposit.

2008, I woke up again from this mindless pursuits again. Wait, am I suppose to put away all my savings and HOPE to retire by 65? I saw retired officers having their 'pension' halved. I can't have this. I decided to change.

And as you know, I spent nights doing readings on theory, research and understanding why?

To change a mindset, WHY is the most important aspect to how and what. If you find your WHY, you will stop robbing yourself of the future and not live the "life" they say now. So start finding your WHY and start living your life and build the future you want.

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