Saturday, 20 April 2013

Melaka - UNESCO World Heritage Site

How do we choose a property?

I learnt from Mr Hubert Ong of MISS that you have to look at the property 300 years from now. How would the unique selling point change? Wow... 300 years... what will really happen?

Many people believe buying in the capital city next to financial district is safe...
Can the capital city move?

Many people choose waterfront location and pay a hand and a leg for it...
Can the shoreline extend?

What cannot change? History? When you are building next to the World Heritage Site, can the World Heritage Site move? 300 years later, it will just be 300 years older and more valuable. This must be the safest bet according the criteria set by Mr Hubert.

This makes Melaka - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a new hot travel location for the Chinese a worthy look.

Melaka, 3rd smallest state amongst the 13 states of Malaysia and occupying a strategic location between KL and Singapore offers to the visitors a unique heritage of having been colonised and influenced by the Dutch, the Portugese, the British, the Straits Chinese. Some argued that it is from here, the Chinese Empire's influence grew in South East Asia through the visit of Rear Admiral Cheng Ho. Such illustrious history captured in the city's architecture and culture.

After the conferment of the World Heritage Site Status in 2008, the visitor ship grew by double digits each year. Melaka has also transformed itself from a backwater towns full of old buildings to a highly vibrant and dynamic young city as you may call it. There are countless of commercial opportunities brought about by the massive tourist arrivals. There are now ferris wheel ride and look out towers, a live "Jonker" street, a massive shopping complex full of young local people and numerous 4-5 stars hotel sprouting in and around the city centre.

Watch this space as Melaka rise to meet the demands of travellers.

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