Saturday, 18 April 2015

All that glitters is not Gold...

I just emerged from Gerry Robert's talk on entrepreneurship book publishing, publish a book and grow rich. He revealed many secrets / strategies that you can start to sell your book even before it is published. These are common strategies used by marketing teams to achieve results. Mind you, he is not frauding but creating confidence and desire to kick your own butt to get moving. You may not have the contents, but once you collected people's trust in you to put money in your hands, you WILL WRITE it and Deliver it.

This is not my biggest takeaway from the talk. The biggest take away is your mind is only as small or as big as you want it. If someone shares a big idea with you, don't fight it, internalise it and make it happen. I'm glad he opened my mind bigger in this 2 hours.

Well, he did offered his bootcamp for FREE and this is good. I have paid my dues with other gurus already and will not in the near future pay another one. I walked away. 

Thanks Gerry Roberts. I confirmed that books authors are no authority now. All that glitters is not gold but just a marketing tool for them.

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