Sunday, 14 December 2014

Working til 67??

The Government of Singapore is going to announce new laws for working til 67?

Wah! I could not even imagine working past 67. 

As a nation, do we need the layout force to work for 40 years to achieve growth? 

As a organisation, did it not improve on productivity to not depend on 67 YOs?

As an individual, did one not work enough to require working past 67 to survive? 

That comes down to the basic fundamentals, what exactly is wrong with the system?

Did we move too fast that some are still 20 years behind?

Did we not have a system to enable retirement?

Did the retirees not have any hobbies to sustain them when they are not working? 

This post is more questions and more questions... for the answers? wait for 20 years later when i reach 67. I will tell you if I'm not working... or not. Touch wood! 


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