Friday, 5 September 2014

Deploying Assets

Investing is very much like a war. In my youth I've seen some Hong Kong movies of stock market investments where the fund managers took to playing and manipulate the stock prices buying and selling and deploying assets to do so. It is very thrilling to do so.

In my younger days, I'm quite a good chess player. Chess is a game where you can really play "king" for a while; you have full control of your game. I love to play black and I love to play the Sicilian Defence, or in particular the Sicilian Dragon.

Defence is a misnomer. Sicilian Dragon is one of the most powerful counter attack moves. I feel empowered playing black anytime against a D4 Queen's pawn opening. 

In defence, you create a strong move for counterattack; should the enemy slip up, you could attack it with no mercy and you would be surprised with the swiftness of the deployment of assets to attack from this position.

I would like to be in this position with ready assets to be deployed. Once market crashes... its attack time.

Set your assets to be mobile and ready to move. 

1. Build good relationship with banks - they are your rooks to give you cannon power.
2. Build good relationship with agents - they are your queen to scoop for resources.
3. Build pawns - cashflow to advance positions and move into more strategic position.

All kinds of chess pieces wins you the game. Deploy them strategically and it can help you to win the game beautiful and crush the opponent... its not just winning... its crushing your opponent that is fun! 

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