Sunday, 31 August 2014

Time vs Money

One of the main reasons why people work is to secure a retirement. I must have driven my insurance consultant to her early death when all I need is $500 a month for expenses to survive. Yes. Based on the 4% withdrawal rate and fire test it against 30 years of data, we need to have only 25 x yearly expenses to retire. That would be $125000 invested in a ETF that gives you consistent returns of > 4% nett of inflation and you can retire without working.

How sure then are we that $500/month is enough? So we build layers and layers of insurance, over capacity, buffers... til... we have no more time left to enjoy ourselves. How much is enough really? The best we can get til we retire? We have just traded time for $$$. Now try to buy back time!

For young graduates, should you understand money and time, you would not want to spend time to get money. You would spend money to buy time. Time is always a more expensive commodity of all.

Say, should you be able to use a road map that guarantees you time for life, would you buy it? for what price?

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