Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rumah Baik Baik!

Rumah Baik Baik means beautiful homes! This phrase was coined by one of my fellow colleagues and it stayed with me throughout the years.

Rumah Baik Baik will make people emotional and buy things that would make them lose their financial independence. Beautiful things like beautiful woman makes you lose your head. You simply lost all reasoning ability.

Best houses I've seen so far :

1. The Haven Residence

The Haven in Ipoh which came to me in 2011. Set amidst beautiful limestone cliffs... Did I make a mistake not buying it?

2. Valley Lake in Keilor East, Victoria

Next, Valley Lake estate in Keilor East. By looking at the picture below, does it whet your appetite?

To reiterate, both are beautiful projects but do look at fundamentals and see if it makes sense to invest. Buying is no problem, both are beautiful and nice area to stay in. Investment? Remember, investment does not have emotional content. It is simply a maths issue, make the numbers count!

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