Thursday, 13 August 2015

Where is Greece?

Market watch published an article on the 13th Aug which showed the world map by market capitalisation. 

Imagine how we used to be spooked by some place called Greece? Lets see if you can find Greece in the map. I can't. I also won't be bothered. When Greece disappears from the financial world map, nobody would even notice Greece has gone. I am certainly not bothered by the Greece Contagion. In fact, when Greece contagion came on, I was happy to see the stock price fall. This means the price is undervalued. Happy investing. 

When Iceland went bankrupt, no one actually cares. So today when China devalues the currency, what do you think will happen compared to when Malaysia devalues the currency? 

Understand the world market, which are the countries that will dent the world economy? when market misjudge, go in hard and make a killing.

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