Thursday, 13 August 2015

A drug call hopium

I never believe in HOPE. What is it about hope that people hang on to and yet do not want to do anything about it? 

I've met many people who wished they can quit their job, retire comfortably, go on vacation, go volunteer at 3rd world, doing some good, yet when I ask them, how do they do it? they don't know. They just hope. Hooked on Hopium.

I think I've been able to influence some people as I spoke to Colin and Jon today. They are "suffering" from a disease called "flat account". In fact they had started to buy property and are saving every single penny for this purpose. Just like brave heart's rousing speech in front of the people of Scotland as they formed up to fight for freedom... "for freedom!". We too have sacrifices to be made in order to make that transition from current state to the state that you want. Do not get hooked on Hopium. People who are hooked on Hopium takes huge risk in not helping themselves, not saving, not investing and best of ALL... not educating themselves. 

Yes, taking he first step in investing is scary. It is a world full of scams and everyone you spoke to seems to be a scam artist. Keeping the money in the tin under the bed seems to be the safest; tuck yourself under the pillow and inhale Hopium away.... because its so scary outside. I fear for you. Your actions scare me. 

I met Minting, I think thats her name. She had the same mindset as me! fantastic! I think she will be a good investor. She had already worked on her balance transfer. I shared more with her so she may have a bigger market to play with. We discussed investment tips and who are the best investment guru. As I shared with her, still I am grateful to Marco Robinson and the Wealth Revolution Group that I build my knowledge and mindset with and I'm still recommending people to take his course. Caveat Emptor with any investment decision.

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