Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hiccups along the way

Recently just concluded the settling issues for 2 Australian properties. You can never imagine what happened. The bank officer sitting on the documents while knowing the settlement date is due. 

Alas, some penalties are paid. This is outrageous and I demand to have their ineptness reported to the authorities.

Meanwhile back to the 2 hotel rooms in Melaka. As I mentioned, I expected returns in excess of 10%. It is such a strategic location. It has a great team, now the returns has been astoundingly low. 200RM a room / month. Thats gross! pun intended! how could such a hotel be in such a good location attract only 30% occupancies and in July - no income. The hotel ran at a loss??!!! 

We are banding up ALL owners to counter propose how to run this. Even if we run as a Air BnB, I believe we could earn more. This is just terrible. We will feedback to the developers and they can kiss their future product sales goodbye!

Pattaya side got some news. The developer is expected to contest our court actions and we can see a good fight now. Every lawyer tells you they will win, we will see.

Meanwhile, this caps a year of 2015 with 4 properties handed over and running and one more property should have clarity soon.

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