Saturday, 19 September 2015

Australia properties Settling Jitters

Come next month, 2 project would be settling soon. 2 Morton Avenue and Cornerstone Living (valuation 24th Sept).

Cornerstone living is part of the massive 600million regeneration project @ Coopers Plains. The concept for this investment is to buy in early at the early stages of a multi-stage - 10 years regeneration programme, the idea is later stages will definitely cost more and hence it is a sure guaranteed way of capital appreciation (IF market condition holds). Still with the macro environment changing and APRA changing the loan landscape, it still sends me some jitters as I await the valuation report next week. I've also asked to see the next few stages from the agents and he has assured that valuation is no problem for the project. 

2 Morton has also come back with good results (albeit from the agents as well) this means a jittery 1 more month to go and I've got all my 2nd tranche of deposit ready. Morton Avenue project is a strategy to buy within amenities and next to railway station and near Campuses, it should do well with rental. 

I am on an expansionary phase and would not take any chances at all. 

Waiting is horrible. 

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