Monday, 4 May 2015

What to do when you have build up equity in your property?

In the blink of an eye, its been almost 5 years since I bought my 1st property. So how have they all performed? Lets take a look.

The HDB, have appreciated to ~$380k with outstanding loan of $200k. A net equity gain of $180k. Appreciation of 65k over 4 years. ~ 5% gross per annum. - About 70% ROI returns.

Seri Bukit Ceylon bought in 2012 has its valuation gone up to 1050 psf from 900 psf. Appreciation of ~ RM112k over 3 years. ~ 5.5% gross per annum. - About 100% ROI Returns. ~ 160% ROI returns.

Imperial Heritage Hotel has gone up to possibly1500psf from 1190psf. A figure to be verified. 

While 2 units of properties are in Australia waiting for settlement. 

Properties appreciates over time due to inflation or other factors. One should always manufacture equity with the passage of time. This equity gained can then be used to finance further investments to manufacture equity. 

For people buying HDB, if you can start with a private. You will earn more. For me? The HDB is a dud. There is no way I could release the equity without selling the property. One of the key reason why people should never ever buy resale Pinnacle@Duxton is however much equity your earn, it can never be released unless sold. 

In Malaysia, for me things are a little different. My properties have gained in value. There could be opportunities to release the equities. I called the banker, there is a way to release the equities, its called loan top up. In Singapore, we call it refinance. Either way, as long as it allows me to release equities, who cares?

Say, my margin of finance remains the same - 90%, I stand to release over RM100k of equity. Over time, my total investment inclusive of tax is about RM125k.

I have potential of getting RM100k back and only fork out nett - RM25k for this property at the end of 3rd year. How's that? If CG continues at the same rate, I could possibly have a no money down deal after a a few years. What is this you called? Its called printing money.

Say for Imperial heritage, with a high CG, from 1190 to 1500 - its a 25% rise. I could potentially have a no money down deal at this time. 

Well, I have to pay a higher monthly mortgage if I take out the money right? But, as long as I can service the loan, continue to take equity out and take on more leverage. 

I'm looking forward to property 8,9,10,11,12,13,14..... you get the point. 

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