Friday, 6 March 2015


Recently, I read an article in Asian reporting that 1 in 5 young graduates expect a starting salary of $4000 and in this article, the writer wrote :This contrasts sharply with the average starting pay for a bachelor's degree (without honours) at $2,741, according to an earlier report last month. 

1 in 5 graduates expect $4,000 starting pay: STJobs - See more at:

So, I had a discussion with Colin, he told me about his brother's girlfriend who had this mentality as well. I worked hard, therefore I deserve starting pay of $4000. Well done I say! Well this is technically not wrong as the Government has already set the bench mark as follows :

SPF Pay Scheme
Entry Rank
Graduate Pay-Scale[7]
Assistant Superintendent of Police
$3, 710 - $4,470
Inspector of Police
$3,180 - $4,010

But lets put everything in perspective, while I agree that it is not wrong to think you deserve $4000 and have no clue about the outside world and have no relevant experience, no passion about the job i.e., during your free time, you will be out catching the latest movie and debating whether #thatdress is white or blue and why? You spend your time yakking instead of reading up on the latest developments in the field of your choice, why then would someone not hire other instead of you? They worked hard too, have a personal investment portfolio, have a view of the current climate totally backed up with sound analysis to boot and hell, he even has a way with words that makes you want to part your money and put it with him for investment and he is asking for a chance to learn and serve the biggest client... not for $4000 but for a profit sharing programme. He don't make the cut, he will fire himself. Who will choose you over him?

Wait, why are graduates so keen to find employment and not keen to pursue their dreams? 

Wait, what are dreams? 

Wait, we have lost our dreams since kindergarten... what drives you to get up each morning? What issues drives you to not sleep each night and ponder? #thatdress?  Good luck to you!

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