Monday, 12 January 2015

Stucked - Update - 23rd March 15

Today, Jan 12th 2015 is the completion of my 3 years contract with the Thai hotel unit. What started as a fixed deposit test property ended as my worst nightmare now. Well, dealing with Thais in general requires a lot of patience, all would be fine if i have time on my side, however, due to my aggressive acquisition of properties, I'm kinda stucked... I needed liquidity now. Since September 2014, I've alerted the owners of my intention, hoping they could improve their efficiency. It was only last week, they told me they had a change of CEO and the new CEO will need to go through the contract again and requires more time.

Well, generally I do not have much issues with Thai honesty. They will honour their word and contract, however when would the money come in it would be a unknown time. I wonder if clocks and calendars work in Thailand?

Update on the 23rd March. Lovely Miss Ploy went to take a look at this unit of mine which is still stuck. I don't know how to talk to thai... so much miscommunications. 


  1. Update of the case, I'm sending a POA to Thailand for follow up with the developer.

  2. Update of case, 30th Sept, Case filed and ready for primary court hearing... Mr Prayoon is representing me.

  3. Thai Court awarded the loss of rental to me but did not award the case to me citing I was late in notifying the vendor. Lawyer Pirote is appealing for free.