Friday, 25 April 2014

Selecting Residential Properties

It is Extremely important to Develop A Set of Criterias to evaluate Property if Making money in The long Run is your Priority. A different Set of Criterias then exists for Home Buying - We shall Not Go Into that. Every market have their Own Set of Criterias. . . . Wendy's MTL criteria is only 1 -> 8% Returns. Though that Works in Singapore, in Places Where interest rates are HIGH that may Present another Set of problems altogether. How then do You ascertain The 8% is Sustainable in The long Run. ? Finding these 8% are also quite Properties next to Impossible or they require HIGH Cost of Ownership unless You have good Network.

Since We are Into Australian Properties, We shall Take A Look at their Gurus' selection. The Following are taken from Michael Matusik's Website. I'm also sure You Can Adapt The Same Development.
Broad Philosophy

Our position is to only Select Broad Residential Investment opportunities with The Following characteristics:. 
Michael Matusik's TEN KEY ATTRIBUTES
  1. PEDIGREE Who is The Developer? Who is The Builder? Do they have A good Track Record? Do they deliver what they say they Will?
  1. SITE. How good is The Actual site? Already What facilities exist in The Local Area?
  1. DESIGN The Well Project & Product Is Designed? Will it Appeal to Buyers in The Future? Will The Rental market premium to pay A Live there?
  1. WHO Does The Project Appeal to at least Two Major Demographic subsets?
  1. RENTALS. How Big is The Local Rental market? What has been The Local Vacancy & Rental rate growth over The past Three years?
  1. NEED. How Many Jobs & Businesses are Within A 10 minute Drive?
  1. DEPTH. How Big is The Local Resale market? What are The Local price points?
  1. SUPPLY. Underlying demand Current Versus New dwelling supply?
  1. TIMING In what position is The Local market & Product Type in The Property Cycle?
  1. UPSIDE.  What are The longer-term Trends? Does this Property / Project Fit? What is planned for The City / Town & Local Area? 

Within A ten minute commute of Major "Hard - core "Infrastructure
   Small Projects or staged
   Inner City Developments or infill
   Well priced, with support Local Resale.
   Location attributes - HIGH existing Amenity & Limited New supply.
   High Quality & Designed for existing & Local Demographic Future demand. 

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