Monday, 10 February 2014

Working for a Reason

I'm sure there are many people who have different views about investment. For mine, its simply not having to work anymore and have passive income coming in month after month.

When I started my investment journey, I scorned at the yearly returns of 10% yield. I wanted more... I thought the promise of Unit Trusts were much better. 5% per annum compounded and end of 30 years at retirement, I would have XX amount of money. I have changed my views of investment after so many years. The promise of price appreciation, inflation is but a "promise".

I've also met people who wish they could live the dream of a working in the 3rd world with a sustainable income. I say hey, get a house here in SGP and you can live your life. Some went on to find their dream home, renovated it to their delight and live a life of debt. Instead of "freedom" you got a liability. A Big One. I say, "thats not your objective for owning the house right?" "thats not even your objective for working in the first place!" You work to achieve a goal? No?

What do we work for? Have your even ask yourself that? Well, you know mine.

I've recently read Mr Money Moustache and it is a good read. This dude has retired since 30 years old. Not because he is very rich but because he has controlled his spending. He has rationalised that having a passive income of $27000 annually for him and his family would suffice and he and his wife are stay at home parents spending quality time with their two kids, cycling to schools and have all the time in the world to entertain their friends at home and doing whatever that pleases them.

Approaching why do we even work... have you found yours and have you figured out how you could reduce working life to improve living life?

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