Friday, 12 October 2012

My First Property

This blog is dedicated to my investment journey in property.

I started my property investment way back when I was a teenager. I did not buy but started to look for rental and properties for sale. HOME is a very important concept to me. I NEED my own space and I cannot depend on my parents. In Singapore, there is so much pressure to continuously work and work and work to pay off "living".

WORK TO LIVE becomes an accepted norm. I do not want to do so. I mean, I just need a roof over my head. BUT again, there are always constraints.

I work very hard through school and aced my exams. I finished school and came out to work. It was 2003 and there was a war going on. Singapore had a mini recession. Recession to me before was not so alarming but when I was about to graduate, I felt for the first time, hey! now this is bad! Do I want to work 3 days having 5 days of workload and getting half pay? I do not, cannot and will not.

Though I have been reading, attending investment talks and property sales talk, I could not afford my own place - that magical 20% downpayment til much later in life. I often theorise with my friend that it was a magical $20k missing that I could not afford the down payment. I thought I could work and save my way til I'm 35. That way, I could afford a HDB flat from the resale market. Year 2008 was a wakeup call. The financial meltdown turn everything upside down. The money I saved and invest in "safe" unit trust became halfed!!! This is also the time I started to seriously read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and make sense of their thoughts.

In 2010, I purchased my HDB unit before age of 35. I heaved a sigh of relief...

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